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Greetings, members.

I've just joined this blog with a zeal to get the core of it right. Who are the administrators of this misplaced poor self-determination movement? Our plans don't have separation of South Sudan into two or more countries in them.

We're set to restore equality, justice and freedom buried under the dust by fame and wealth driven egomaniacs. It is evil to support this agenda. It's not patriotism. Fellow natives of The Greater Upper Nile, don't be deceived by whoever is leading this unwise path.

True, there is injustice; corruption, bad governance and unwillingness to rule lawfully. Who can deny the alarming number of IDPs and refugees? I mean, what is good as far the current leaders go? There is much to object in the current leadership.

However, we're not obsessed to declare separation. We must be patient with all. A question for the wise. From whom are we separating? If your answer is from South Sudan, you only showed yourself unaware of what a nation is. You are politically maimed and therefore can't be trusted to discuss people's governance. Our problem is unfit leadership -- one that looks to one's betterment exclusive of the other. This is what is being done by the current government {including men and women from all the regions of South Sudan}. The founder of this idea of separation is just as bad and evil as the leaders in Juba.

As the people of Upper Nile, we've our bones in Kapoeta and Torit in Eastern Equatoria, Juba and Yei in Central Equatoria, Mundri and Yambio in Westrn Equatoria -- say, we've liberated Equatoria in unity with other fellow citizens from whom you are suggesting separation from. Deep in these areas people feel the same dissatisfaction. Do they need to separate too?

We've liberated greater Upper Nile. Remember Nasir, Bor, Unity and Malakal, etc. The wars behind the liberation of greater Bhar El gazal took our efforts equally. Our fathers in all senses fought meaningful fights. That's to liberate us as a whole. You're blinded by your own thoughts and judgement. We own and will continue to belong to South Sudan entirely and not in parts.

Again fellow brothers and sisters, while we go through these undeserved circumstances, I beg your patience. Never ever think that separation is a good idea. Realize that those who perpetuate division of our country are working hard to change our history and identity.

Kind regards.

Dut James Garang

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