Greater Upper Nile Army: Fake Peace between Salva Kirr and other should be ignore

The Upper Nile Army would like to inform the people of Greater Upper to ignore the deadly peace celebration schedule on Oct 30th 2018 to take place in Juba. This is an exploratory calls to inform you that what was signed in Khartoum later in Ethiopia is nothing bad a deadly deal that will finished the generation of Greater Upper Nile. This calls was prompted by our reflection on the current situation in across what we now call South Sudan

We are calling for the growth prospects of different territorial communities in the current globalization phase of the world economy. The new frontier of processes of growth production led by innovation and mass specialization suggested that all territories around the world could achieve growth and peace only if they live and care for their own lands. We reflected on the fact that what was required for the promise to be realized were many principal actors to engage in a sustained collective effort of masses in those territorial communities across South Sudan in 2011, but failed by SPLM/A.

Indeed, any real peace with a clear innovation of peace is purported to be the contribution of many principal actors and relatively fewer executors, because REAL PEACE processes are substituting for larger numbers of PEOPLE in the TERRITORIALS and distribution of goods and services THROUGH SOCIETIES WITHIN THE REGIONS. We defined principal actors as the economic and social innovators within civil society, together with the representative territorial institutions.

Therefore, we, the Upper Nile Army, are calling for all people of Greater Upper Nile to ignore that deadly Celebration which will take place on October 30, 2018 in Juba and focus on how to maintain Greater Upper Nile from these deadly Organization call SPLM

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